Image Wash

Image Wash

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This is the 1st step toward your new smooth skin. This is the best multi-tasking cleanser you can find. This Liquid African Soap is made from the peels of Plantains earthen dirt from its original continent. It is free from formaldehyde and ammonia which are included ingredients in 96% of commercial soaps. There are many brands of Black Soap on the market; however, Gentlemen Image has thoroughly researched and found the best black soap available with no dyes or additives.

- Reduces inflammation and skin irritations
- Prevent & Heal Razor and Clipper bumps
- Exfoliating properties to remove dead skin
- Fades dark spots from Sun, Shaving and Acne
- Prevents itchy, flaky and dryness
- Leave skin & hair soft and smooth
- Promotes healthy growing hair
- Fragrance Free


Directions / Grooming Tip: 

Shampoo Treatment:

Apply to wet hair & massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly, spray Hydration then apply That Butter.

Face and Beard Wash:

Apply with palms or facial brush in a circular motion over wet skin. Rinse clean & pat dry. Follow up with Anti-Bump Treatment + Toner and That Butter.

Body Wash:

Squeeze onto a wet loofah, scrub or wash cloth and work into a lather on body. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with Rejuvenate Oil and That Butter.


Water, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Shea Butter, Plantain skin ashes, and Palm Oil.